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Congresses (10 selected):

2022 CECAM Workshop “Present and Future of Hybrid Quantum Chemical and Molecular Mechanical Simulations”, Lecco, Italy 

2022 Regional Biophysics Conference, Pecs, Hungary 

2022 The first international conference and the tenth national bioinformatics conference of Iran, Kish Island, Iran. (Scientific committee member)

2019 PHOTOBIOLOGIE SOUS LE SOLEIL, Sorbonne Université, France. 

2019 Biomolecules and Nanostructures 7, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland. 

2019 235th ECS meeting, Dallas, USA. 

2016 2nd international and 14th Iranian genetics congress, Sh. Beheshti University, Iran. 

2016 2nd conference on protein and peptide sciences, University of Isfahan, Iran. (Scientific committee member) 

2014 5th International Congress on nanoscience/nanotechnology, T. Modares University, Iran. 

2014 17th Iranian physical chemistry congress, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran. 

2014 17th Iranian chemistry congress, V.A. University of Rafsanjan, Iran. 

2013 16th Iranian physical chemistry congress, Babolsar University, Iran. 

2011 15th Iranian Chemistry Congress, Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran. 

2006 9th Iranian physical chemistry congress, Guilan University, Iran.